This Blog is being developed to have a record of the information I have assimilated through my own reasearch that has had a profound effect on my psyche and the way I view the world in which we all live. I want to know the real truth even if it appears to be unpleasant. I feel that it is ok to know the truth because for every event there is an equal and opposite event. So no mater how bad things appear to be there is an equal good that goes right along with it. It is simply a matter of choosing which you want and taking peaceable action accordingly. Violence is a symptom, the dis-ease is in the mind.

We get to choose how we see our world (this means our own personal world and the world at large) and it is simply a matter of being true (or untrue) to ones own beliefs, on an individual basis, that collectively produces the world in which we live. If we act differently from the way we feel then we will live in a world that we don’t like. Once we, as a group of individuals, take responsibility for our own little microcosm in the collective and act in a way that we feel benefits us (and others) in the big picture, then we will live in a world that we like a lot. There are many barriers that we face that keep us from being true to ourselves (and others). It would be interesting to note how many times during the day we feel one way about an issue but we act differently due to some perceived ‘greater good’. How often do we take action based on what we are told to do (based on what someone else thinks) rather than on what we think is right for the situation. We can often even agree with each other on an action that nether one of us feels is right but we think its ok to go ahead with the action anyway simply by virtue of the fact that we agree, often ignoring the fact that we are producing a world that we don’t want to live in. Being ‘Politically Correct’ is an example of this. Political correctness is where one allows the government to tell one what to think without deciding whether it is good for us (or others) first. We have been handing over our own precious individual  power to people we don’t know and whose purpose we don’t fully understand. Thus we create a world that we do not like. This type of fundamental cause and effect scenario is something that we at the grass-roots level are beginning to realize. It is realization itself, on an individual basis, that is causing the world to shift from the long-standing world course of events into a new course of events, a new paradigm if you will, that hopefully will manifest into a preferential world. The future is not determined yet. It is simply created by who chooses to take responsibility for it. “The only thing necessary for evil to rule in the world is for good people to do nothing”.


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