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Rachel Donadio – New York Times October 1, 2011

SunriseThe first time he bought eggs, milk and jam at an outdoor market using not euros but an informal barter currency, Theodoros Mavridis, an unemployed electrician, was thrilled.

“I felt liberated, I felt free for the first time,” Mr. Mavridis said in a recent interview at a cafe in this port city in central Greece. “I instinctively reached into my pocket, but there was no need to.”

We don’t really need to use the money supplied to us by the banks. In fact, humanity does not need the worlds elite powers at all. They need us though as they have no practical skills of their own. If we stop servicing them they will fade away becoming merely one chapter in the history of earths dark past. Otherwise, succeeding generations will be nirvana filled, micro chipped servants of hideous overlords.

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