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I love America the beautiful but I don’t like what she has become.

I am pro-government but I am anti-corrupt government.

As an American citizen I am loyal to the Constitution first, following a distant second are corporations, institutions or a flag.  I am loyal to the Government for so long as the Government is loyal to the Constitution and to you and I.

I always vote although sometimes I do not go to the polls on election day and that is my vote.

Fundamentally what we are talking about here is an ideology. A concept. A philosophy. A belief system. A process that occurs in the mind therefore creating reality. The state of the Union is the state of mind of the people of that Union, that is why it is called a Union. A unified concept or belief system that collectively produces reality. Be careful what you believe in, you just might get it. And not just you but everyone around you as well.

How would you know if your country was taken over by a foreign power?

Would you see foreign solders in your town and tanks in the streets? Only as a last resort. There are much more effective methods.

Would you hear it on the news? No. They would want you to believe you still have the same country and not fight against them. But you might see different people on the TV screen telling you what the ‘news’ is.

The fact of the matter is, if it was done craftily enough, it would be very difficult to tell, at first. There would be very subtle, incremental changes. Barely noticeable and always for ‘good’ reason. Changes that you don’t like but you go along with because you think it is just changing times. And besides its always to protect you. And if you don’t go along with it you are in big trouble. Also, they don’t ask your opinion they just dictate it to you. If you see this start to happen, your country may have been taken over by a foreign power.

If your elected officials are caught lying to you even once, it means they no longer represent you. Don’t believe it when they say they had to lie in order to protect you. At this point they are known liars so don’t believe a word they say, even if you want to. If your leaders start to side step issues, collude in private, tell you things that don’t make sence to you or simply don’t tell you what is going on, your country may have been taken over by a foreign power.

If the money starts to dry up, this is a big red flag. If you are working harder and getting less, if your government keeps asking more money of the poor and middle class all the time or if they threaten you with jail time and worse if you don’t pay what ever they tell you, take a second look at what is going on. Remember, the money you earn represents your time on the planet. No one is entitled to that but you. If you have taxation without representation, look out, your country may have been taken over by a foreign power.

If your leaders are suspected of breaking Constitutional law and don’t get into trouble, this is a sure sign. If there is no satisfactory investigation or if someone calls foul and are subsequently met with unfortunate circumstances, there is surely something very wrong. When the government allows corporations to take away your rights, this is an indicator. If your representatives do things that you feel are morally corrupt and they don’t seem to care what you think, you are in big trouble because your country has definitely been taken over by a foreign power.

Americans love peace, the United States loves war.

Americans are content within themselves, the Untied States wants more even after everything is gone.

Americans are merciful, the United States is brutal.

Americans want to be left alone, the United States wont leave you alone.

Americans are nonviolent, the United States is very violent.

Americans produce goods and services, the United States has no beneficial skills.

Americans crave honesty, the United States craves deceit.

Americans want freedom and justice for all, the United States wants control over all.

Americans believe in God, the United States thinks it is God.

Americans are willing to give for the greater good, the United States will only take and they don’t care what happens to you.

Americans come together publicly to celebrate life, the United States comes together in secrete to plot unspeakable things.

Americans seek leadership, the United States seeks domination.

Americans are forthcoming, the United States hides in the shadows.

Americans love freedom, the United States doesn’t want you to be free.

Americans can only be pushed so far, the United States will push you farther if you let them.

Americans have rights, the United States wants to take your rights away.

Americans like to complain, the United States likes to give you something to complain about.

America is a free country, the United States is a corporation.

Americans don’t need the United States, the United States desperately needs Americans.

Do not despair, the solution is already within you.

It’s all in what you believe. What you attach yourself to. What you buy into. How much of what you are told do you believe? Do you believe something just because someone threatens you if you believe anything else? If you do, then you could be asking for a lot more trouble. Be true to yourself. Believe what makes you feel right, not what others tell you.

Declare you own independence. The government cant do this for you.