Everything is distorted in New York.

A shift is occurring.

Oh, the pains of change!

Unfortunately, Policemen have lost their ability to reason in New York City. Acting out like tyrants in a loosing ball game, they have apparently sold their minds to a philosophy that is brazenly un-American. Have our protectors become our tormentors?

‘And just imagine, we thought we were safe.’

What in the blazes is going on?

This video found on Your Tube News is a must see!

The Commissioner of the NYPD would like to know your opinion.

Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly does not disclose contact information on the NYPD website, or anywhere else for that matter. Apparently the Commish is in hiding.

What I found was an online complaint form that I had to hunt for. All I did was fill it out and press submit. (In all honesty, answers to questions are incredulous).
There…I did something. (BTW – Bonus points for filing complaint, enjoy.)
“I say flood ‘um!”
If not available in your country, reply to tell.