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Rarely are we told in such detail how thoroughly we have been hoodwinked by the TV and ‘news’ papers. And it is nothing new. Monster despots throughout history have always spread stories as part of the warfare of conquest alongside arms. We all know this yet what is so astonishing is that we continue to believe what ever we are told. Is this because we fear believing otherwise? When we hear our government demand for us to believe what they are telling us or else, we tend to go into survival mode and do what they say and it doesn’t really matter if what they are saying is true. Praises like ‘If you don’t stand behind the President then get out and shut up’ serve to scare people into thinking the way they want us to think. If we critically think with our own minds they apparently consider this to be a major threat. Who are the real terrorists?

It would appear in many instances that they consider humanity to be a threat in general. If humans are a threat to them, then what are they? Blood thirsty war mongers are very different in personality than the average docile human. Yes, we are very easily fooled by threat. It seems that it works every time… or does it?

It’s ok to face the ugly truth. It’s ok to think for yourself. It may be a matter of survival.

This documentary shows the methods of engagement of the press and the real truth that we are rarely told.