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I saw two news stories today that when combined tell another story that is more interesting.

Both stories appear in Al Jazeera. The first is titled  US standing plunges across the Arab world and the second Bin Laden’s death boosts Obama’s popularity. When told as a third story it paints a picture that is telling in terms of the global picture. When I saw the titles it piqued my curiosity and wondered ‘What does this mean’?

In the first, the Arab world was hopeful when Obama was elected based on promises to scale back the war in the middle east. Of course, that didn’t happen. ( Was this because he didn’t understand the situation before he took office, or, is it because he doesn’t have a say in the matter? It’s interesting to note that Congress doesn’t have a say in the matter ether, as we went to war in Libya without congressional approval as required by Constitutional law). It’s no wonder the United States tide of popularity has waned in recent months.

In the second, Obama’s popularity is boosted by an outstanding figure being killed. The first thing I thought of when I read this is ‘How can our President be held in high regard for killing another person anyway?’. I would rather have had Bin Laden arrested and tried by a jury of his peers in public court and then killed. At least we get to hear his testimony. The only thing we know about Bin Laden is what keeps getting repeated to us in the main stream press. Where is the rich diversity of opinion known in the human experience? Where are the articles written by people who knew Bin Laden personally? We only get one story and it is not very convincing. Maybe there was no ‘Bin Laden’. Enough with the revenge already!

The third story could be entitled ‘America the Beautiful-Beauty Redefined’ or ‘Islamic Nation States will Belong to America, Like it or Not’.

What kind of picture are we getting here? Our president is giving us false hopes for peace and then is heralded for the demise of others? US popularity is sliding down the slippery slope Globally (no wonder) and we cheer as the Middle East burns? At the same time we are bailing out the banks who in return callously evict people from their homes (enforced by the police, of course), our means of lively hood is being taken (economic aggression against the American people), our rights and liberty’s are being restricted (yey, even our own beloved Constitution)  because that is the best way to fight those who hate us because we are good? The wars deplete our nations resources as well and put us into debt servitude to private financiers, robbing us of the fruits of our labor for generations. I think we are being sold a bill of goods. At first glance it appears that if it was the intention of Al-Qaeda to ruin our country, and indeed the world, our protectors are playing into their hands. The actions of our ‘elected representatives’ do not appear to be in the best interest of…anybody. Do we really just believe what ever we are told by these people? What are they trying to do anyway?

Where are those who are liable to protect us from all enemy’s foreign and domestic? Who in our leadership is doing what is in the best interest of me, of you? Has our Nation been hijacked by international interests not loyal to the United States? If  Al-Qaeda could pull off 9/11, what else are they capable of? How would we know?

Have the American people willingly given up their right to manage their own country? If we did then we get what we deserve.

Have you?