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Wow again!

This is only a week or so from the Ben Fulford / David Wilcock interview. He said we will be seeing changes happening soon. See what is in this article:

  • Runs on the bank.
  • Euro falls.
  • Major corporations withdrawing funds.
  • German Bank begging for more money (too bad).
  • Greece dragging heals on privatized banking.
  • Law suits and  investigations into corporate activity flying everywhere!

Here’s a roundup of recent news reports on the collapse of the global (Ponzi) banking system.  The European bank run has begun and it’s just a matter of time before their Federal Reserve primary dealer cartel partners in the US go down with them.  Thick as thieves!

Next time you come across someone still deluded enough to think that things will turn around economically, send them here. Stick this in your economic recovery propaganda pipe and smoke it:

Read article here: http://ampedstatus.org/collapse-roundup-6-the-european-bank-run-has-begun-this-is-what-a-collapsing-global-ponzi-banking-system-looks-like/

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