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Under pressure from law-abiding citizens and lawyers in Canada, George W. Bush will face arrest if he enters Canada. In fact, he recently canceled a speech at Tyndale University College and Seminary on Sept 20 since it was obvious to his staff that if he entered Canada he would be arrested, in accordance with Canadian law, and indited on charges of war crimes. A Canadian citizen group known as Lawyers Against War (LAW) was spurned on by a faculty member and a class valedictorian who spoke out and sent  letters. The visit was intended to boost recognition and to inject equity into the Seminary. The student body and staff were understandably incensed when they found out that their college was going to this by supporting a suspected war criminal. One Senior staff member tenured his resignation as a result.

The accusations of war crimes against Bush include torture among others. Also facing indictment are the usual suspects.

If he were to arrive at the college in a limousine, he would depart in a patty wagon.

Source: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/09/11/canada-arrest-george-bush/