I had read about this a couple of times but did not post on it untill I was reasonably sure.

There is a major effort by a *multinational organization (a group of countries known as the Group of 57) that has realized that the world is being threatened in a major way by an elitist group of financiers (known as the Cabal) who planed to reduce the population of the planet by 90%. They planed to do this by causing political turmoil in the Middle East resulting in WWIII and nuclear holocaust. They then planed to move into underground bases (like Dr. Strangelove) where they would later emerge as rulers of, what they would call, a pristine planet and live happily ever after.

World leaders have learned of this and are stopping it. This Group of 57 has nuked two major underground bases, one in Denver and one in DC. The Cabal can no longer hide there and will now think twice before carrying out their plans.

(Update: September 22, 2011. The device used may not have been a conventional nuke but an heretofore unknown high-tech device.)

This author understands that this will be difficult to accept.

An MP3 and transcript is available here.

This author believes that there is a new world emerging that has no war, no environmental destruction and unprecedented prosperity worldwide.

This will happen slowly over the next year or so.

I think I know how this all works so enter questions in the comments and I will answer them with the information that I have.

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