By Mike

The KennedyAssassination

Few events in history have had the kind of catalyzing effect  on the Peoples of a nation like the assassinations of John and Bobby Kennedy. They were love by the nation and we will always miss them. It may seem a paradox to say that this was a crackdown on the American people by the Government, but once one understands the reality of the workings of the Government (who calls the shots, pun intended) then the shroud of mystery is removed and the man behind the curtain is starkly revealed. It has come to light in recent decades that the organization known as ‘Washington D.C.’ takes its orders from a covert larger power. It is the power that has control of money and commerce. It is a corrupt international organization not loyal to any country, but fiercely loyal to its own philosophy. It is this Cabal that the Kennedy brothers intended to expose and disrupt on many different levels. So terrified was the Cabal that the Government might be able to return the power of the Government back to the people, that they reached deep into the abyss of depravity and committed this unspeakable act:

It worked. Control of the Government was safely back into the hands of the Cabal.

The main threats that the Kennedy administration made toward the Cabal:

  • Wanted to remove the veil of secrecy the Cabal was working under.
  • Tried to stop the Vietnam war from escalating.
  • Wanted to disband the CIA. (a cabal stronghold)
  • Wanted to move the currency from the Federal Reserve fiat system to a silver backed currency.
  • Wanted to stifle Government corruption in a major way.
  • Caught them red-handed trying to move nukes into Cuba.

Bobby Kennedy fully intended to continue the work he and his brother had started. Apparently he did not get the message that was sent out by his brothers assassination and received the same treatment. I think every President since then did get the message and has been cooperative with the Cabal in all the major areas. In fact the process has become so elaborate that I don’t think we have free elections at all anymore. As history has shown, Ted Kennedy got the message quite clearly and maintained full alliance with the Cabal as most of our professional politicians do today.