Ben Fulford, 7-18-11… “The slow fuse will keep burning through July”

Posted on July 17, 2011 by kauilapele

No matter what his subject matter, I am almost always fascinated by what Ben has to say about the goings on in the world circles. It is so much like a grand, ego-filled soap opera, with all of the posturing and role-playing and other kinds of ego Baloney Sausage (note the initials, eh…) the ego just loves. The 3D world has an ego, too, you know. Many of us, including Ben, I believe, have got off that 3D ego train. We may have chosen that, and/or we may have been just kicked off by the consequences of playing that game. The bottom line is, for myself at least, that what Ben describes is very often a description of many of the ego game’s facets, and the often ugly-as-hell consequences. But Ben does not hold back, oftentimes. And in some sense, I feel some need to see this world ego game for exactly what it is. Ugly. (remember when you first saw “Saving Private Ryan”? (if you did)…the starkness of what war is really like)

There is a lot of “crap” going on out there. BUT, as he says, this is the end game. Or the end OF the game. The end of that old, tiresome, ego-centered, full of Baloney Sausage, “crap” game.

So enjoy this week’s Ben, and as always, please use your Higher Discretion when you read it.


  • …while it is impossible to predict the individual twists and turns of the collapse of the Federal Reserve Board and the Western financial system, the end game is not in doubt… the fall of small dominoes like Greece will lead inevitably to the big Kahuna: the United States.
  • …there is money in the rest of the world to help these countries… the rest of the world is also willing and eager to help. However… these countries need to fundamentally change their behavior… they seem too arrogant to understand… they are no longer in charge of the global show.
  • The final move was to attack Japan with a tsunami causing seabed nuclear earthquake device… That threat was met with a counter-threat… to blow up… key Western targets. The message was that… blackmail is not a one-way street. This forced the… elite to back off…
  • A threat to set off an even worse holocaust along the New Madrid fault line in the US was also subsequently halted by White Dragon Society allies in the United States.
  • The genocidal cabal that hijacked the Western power centers now find themselves in a very tight spot indeed.
  • Senator J. Rockefeller, George Bush Senior and… subordinate Richard Armitage have also been told in no uncertain terms they are no longer welcome in Japan… [Others] now in fear of prison include George Bush Jr., Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Tony Blair, Carl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld and their fellow plotters…
  • The creditors of the United States,… are simply saying the military industrial complex needs to retool itself from a parasitical, war-mongering institution into something productive.
  • …the criminal cabal in the West will not relinquish their power without more of a struggle. All the White Dragon can do for now is to keep them cut off from their funds… until they are finally removed from power.