A short documentary on the freedom and prosperity enjoyed by Libya before NATO got hold of them.

Credit: Reuters

The Third Universal Theory heralds emancipation from the fetters of injustice, despotism, exploitation, and economic and political hegemony, for the purpose of establishing a society of all the people where all are free and share equally in authority, wealth and arms. Freedom will then triumph definitively and universally.”       – “The Green Book” by Muammar Gaddafi  http://www.mathaba.net/gci/theory/gb1.htm 



“Gadhafi’s creation of the African Investment Bank in Sirte (Libya) and the African Monetary Fund to be based in Cameroon will supplant the IMF and undermine Western economic hegemony in Africa.”
—Gerald Pereira, an executive board member of the former Tripoli-based World Mathaba
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The following is one of many examples of the depths of depravity our ‘leaders’ have descended to. Our good, honest home town brothers and sisters have been transformed into this and for what? A greater good? I think the greater good would be the opposite of this. What does it look like when a brainwashed bunch are given weapons? Technology exists to turn the deserts green, permanently cure every disease and house every person on the planet. Instead, this is what we get:


Here is another report that reinforces the fact that Gaddafi installed a true peoples state. That is why he is such a threat to our banker masters. Libyans love Gaddafi!

  • Gaddafi stepped down as Leader in 1977 turning the Government over to the People, the People ARE the Government in Libya
  • Gaddafi holds the position of “Secretary of the General People’s Assembly” a position comparable to that of prime minister, although with a slightly different emphasis as he does not represent a political party and does not alone hold significant power. He is an ELECTED Official. He is not DICTATOR.
  • All Libyans receive a portion of the sale of Libyan oil – Directly to their Bank Accounts.
  • Max income tax in Libya is 12%.
  • Banks do not charge interest in Libya (Islamic Bank Model, not the Rothschild Slave System).
  • All Libyans have a home. Gaddafi vowed that his parents would not get a house until everyone in Libya had a home.
    — Gaddafi’s father died while he and his wife were still living in a tent.
  • There are no mortgages on homes in Libya. [One may recall during the International Banker created Depression of the 1930’s people in the USA lived in tents. People in the USA starved during the Depression, whilst food was dumped in the ocean by the barge load, and farmers were PAID – NOT to Grow Food, which continues to the present.]
  • The Great Man Made River of Libya irrigates farmland releasing the hold of International Bankers controlling the food supply of Libya – NATO has bombed the pipeline and the water plant in Tripoli [as well as the Electrical Generation – Libyans get FREE Electricity].
  • Should someone wish to farm, they receive free land and seeds and animals.
  • There are no Electricity Bills in Libya.
  • All Education is Free in Libya.
  • Everyone gets Free Medical – Even the Protestors …
  • Each newlywed couple receives 60,000 dinar gift from the government.
  • Gas in Libya is sold at the outrageous price of .12 cents per liter (bigger than US quart).
  • Automobile purchases are financed at zero interest.
  • Gaddafi completed a massive water project to irrigate land to free Libya from dependance on Imported Food
  • In the direct participatory democracy system of Libya, which is a model for the world, the people make legislation and decisions from the basic local level upwards, by gathering in People’s Conferences.
  • More News and Facts about Libya the wars being started by the International Bankers here:  [http://www.mathaba.net/news/libya/]
  • Algeria, Syria, Sudan/Ethiopia are next on the list, leading up to Iran – The bankers have to stamp out any government where the people are not indebted to them, which amounts to Legalized Slavery …
  • THIS ONE IS A MUST READ: Long with Videos embedded:  [http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=628558]
  • Whilst the Great Arab Jamahiriya [Precipatory Democracy by the Masses of People, the People ARE the Government] exists the International Bankers cannot enslave the Libyan People into NATIONAL Debt.
  • The Arabian Union Bank would have released Africa from the Colonial stranglehold of the International Bankers. In the USA the Federal Reserve Bank is owned by 8 families, most live in Europe, they pay NO TAX on the Trillions of Interest they generate from the National Debt of the USA, which enslaves the US People. The IRS is a Collection Arm of the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS is NOT an Agency of the US Government. The Federal Reserve is not Federal nor does it have any Reserves, its main asset is the Bonds received from the US Government which give the US Government the power to spend the money created from thin air into circulation. During the Depression of the 1930’s the same Wall Street Bankers received bailouts just as has happened recently. When will the people of the US wake up?
This is a must see speech by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in Harlem, NY on June 15 2011 on the on U.S., NATO War Against Libya.