Obama Attempts Infringement on Second Amendment Rights.

History in the making!

This is the first time in history that the leader of the free world is making motions toward the disarmament of law-abiding American citizens across the nation by executive order.  This unprecedented move by the corporate government to infringe on the God given rights of all Peoples is testament to the situation we face as a nation today. It is against the highest law of the land for Obama to even talk about doing such a thing. It’s not just Obama. This is being pushed by the entire executive branch of government as well as the government-run main stream press. Is this the rouge, anti-American cabal that the founding fathers warned us about? Is this not the express purpose for which the second amendment was drafted, ratified by the states and passed into law by will of the people?


 Recent shootings.

The batman theater shooting on July 20.

Sikh Temple of Wisconsin on Aug 5.

Newtown, Connecticut on Dec 14.

Chilling similarities between these and other shootings give rise to interesting questions. More on that later.


The spin.

We are being told that disarming the public is the only thing that will keep our children safe from school and theater shooters. Do you believe that? I would certainly hope not since every study ever conducted on the subject concludes that an armed person is better able to protect themselves and their loved ones than an unarmed one when dealing with an armed assailant. If the President really wanted to make your children safer they would be under armed guard the way his kids are. Or at least allow schools to defend themselves against armed attack. Every teacher    is allowed by constitutional law to carry handguns. It’s the ordinances and gun free zones that put our children at risk as the despots surround themselves and their kids with protection. Every time you see a “no guns allowed” sign remember, criminals see that sign too! After all, who would put a sign on their house that says “Gun Free Zone”?

Lets face it folks, there is only one reason why any government has wanted to take the peoples guns away and that is because they have something in mind that would be difficult for them to do if every citizen was armed and trained.

Government, if left unattended, will grow so many weeds that it can no longer bear fruit. We have ignored our leadership for so long that the field must be completely retilled in order for it to bear tasty, healthful prosperity.


Similaritys, coincidences and missing parts.

There are some trends in mass shootings in general that took my interest as I read through articles and listened to interviews.

The perpetrators mostly come from normal families but have a social or mental health issue usually requiring medications known to have a severe effect on some patients. These effects can include thoughts of murder or suicide.

Most were involved in some kind of government program. Such as a school.

Many if not most were heavily into violent video games. Sometimes shooters would use the same gun in real life as they did on the video game.

Most were first offenders.

Reasons. Missing from most news reports are the reasons why a first offender would commit such a ghoulish, nightmarish crime. Social reasons like bullying are brought out but never do we hear reasons for the phenomenon as a whole. Could this be because of pharmacological sponsorship?

How they get the guns is sometimes a mystery even though we are given simplistic, anecdotal explanations that often do not bear scrutiny. Assault rifles can cost $1,500 and up. Some assailants had multiple weapons. Where does a looser/dropout get the money to buy this stuff? One rifleman had up to $12,000 in weaponry and ammo.

Most where male.

 Sheriffs defend citizen rights.

“It’s the best of times it’s the worst of times”.

See this interview on Infowars.com. Sheriff Mac Stands up along with many other oath keeping law enforcers.


The world would be a better place if there were no guns.

As true as this may be, we do not live in that world. The Genie of fire weapons can not be put back into the bottle. I don’t like it any more than you do. But I can’t pretend it is otherwise. That would be other than wise!